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Kleenex® Facial Tissues and Hand Towels

For snot bubbles and explosive sneezes. Streaming eyes and stuffy noses. We’ve got you covered whenever you need us – stuffed in pockets, bags, boxes and shelves. And wherever! On trains. In cars. At parks. Sat at the table. Or lying under duvets. That’s you. And this is us. Explore the full range of Kleenex® products below.

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    Ultrasoft Cube Box

    Kleenex® Ultra Soft™ Facial Tissues - Upright Box

    Ultra absorbent for runny noses and water eyes.

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    Ultrasoft Rectangular Box

    Kleenex® Ultra Soft™ Facial Tissues - Flat Box

    Made with 3-layers to comfort your face and help protect your hands.

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    Trusted Care Cube Box

    Kleenex® Trusted Care® Facial Tissues - Upright Box

    Thick and durable enough to stand up to sniffles, sneezes, and runny noses.

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    Trusted Care Rectangular Box

    Kleenex® Trusted Care® Facial Tissues - Flat Box

    The original everyday tissue that's thick and absorbent.

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    Trusted Care Perfect Fit

    Kleenex® Perfect Fit Facial Tissue Cylinders

    Designed with a slim shape made to travel in cars, trucks, and SUVs

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    Hand Towels

    Kleenex® Disposable Bathroom Hand Towels

    Kleenex® Hand Towels offer a clean, fresh towel every time.

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    Why Kleenex Banner

    Why Kleenex® Facial Tissues

    Everybody knows to Grab Kleenex® when they’re streaming a sad movie, going to a wedding, or suffering through a nasty cold. But what about all the everyday moments in between? We’re there for those times too, with soft and comfortable protection. So for whatever life throws at you, go ahead and grab Kleenex®


    are never easy

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    are never easy

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